"Chick" Lit

This is the first in a series of three Santa books. It came out right before Christmas of 2012, because of an unexpected turn of events that led to it being serialized during the month of December, so it is available for all you early shoppers. It is a love triangle between a young military widow and two guys in Santa suits.

Following suit is the backstory to Shaking Down Santa, the story of Bryan's father and his Santa suit. Coming from a long line of guys who played Santa--his father and grandfather--Ben Everett decides to buy a Santa suit to make extra money during the holidays. But Ben never makes any money because his heart is too big and he gives away his Santa services, and then some.

This is a continuation of the romance started in Shaking Down Santa. Inspired by the title of an old Christmas carol, "Santa" proposes on Christmas Eve, and that's just the beginning of the fun as Lauren and Bryan embark on married life together.

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