Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Blog is Born

This is my new blog. It is going to be funny. This reminds me of something that happened to me in college. The ward was giving out end-of-year awards, and my friend, Daniel Hancock, my downstairs neighbor, had convinced a few unbelievers that I was deserving of the "Best Sense of Humor" award. The Relief Society president, who didn't know me very well, was giving out the awards. She mentioned that Dan, who everybody knew was hilarious, had insisted I get this particular award. Immediately all eyes were upon me, and I realized that everyone expected me to do or say something funny. I froze. I could not think of a single funny thing to say or do. I didn't have some Three Stooges "nyuk nyuk nyuk" moves, not even any "I Love Lucy" schtick. I went up, said thanks, took the award and sat back down. I knew everyone felt they had been robbed. But if you stick with me long enough, I promise there will be some funny stuff on here. I am going to be interviewing the funny ladies of LDS literature, for starters.

My pen name is Susan Law Corpany. In real life I am Susan Corpany Curtis, but I tell people I write under my previous married name to honor my dear departed husband and not to embarrass my current one.  I decided to start this blog because there wasn't really any showcase out there for humorous writers, particularly clean humorous writers. Take that a step further and make it clean, humorous, LDS writers. Mainly by virtue of the name I picked, this blog features only funny female writers, not that there aren't some way funny guys out there, but what guy do you know who wants to hang around in Relief Society?
Stay tuned!