Sunday, December 28, 2014

Speaker Available

From time to time I have opportunities to speak to Relief Societies and Young Women groups or mixed groups, so for ease of referral, I am listing some of my favorite topics here. If you would like me to address a topic of your choosing, I am always up for that, as well.

"When Life Gives You Lemons" or "When Life Throws You a Curve Ball" (which is basically WLGYL replacing the lemons lessons with sports metaphors and pictures of baseballs). This is a great presentation to help people get through the difficulties of life with their faith intact.

"Becoming an Inner Beauty Queen" - a reminder for women to stop hyper-focusing on their physical flaws and stop comparing themselves to some unattainable ideal and remember to cultivate and appreciate more important qualities in themselves and others.

"You Are an Original" - a great one for young women, to remind them that they are unique and that no one else can do the things they were put here to do.

"Mourning with those that Mourn" - a reminder of how we can be more sensitive and helpful and less hurtful and judging to those around us who grieve loss of loved ones or health or life opportunities.

"A Sense of Humor as a Survival Skill" - how to cultivate humor to help ease over the rough spots of life.

"Gift from the Sea" - taken from the Anne Morrow Lindbergh book of the same name, I illustrate the different seasons of a woman's life using seashells as visual aids. This is my favorite non-guilt-producing presentation, because I think women sometimes need a reminder that they are not expected to do it all, all the time. This is great with ocean waves playing in the background and everyone on beach towels and served with tropical goodies.

These are the presentations most requested, but if you have a special need in your congregation, I am always willing to tackle a new topic. I use lots of my own life experiences and lots of humor in all these presentations. I have been a presenter at BYU-Hawaii Education Week and their Women's Conference as well. I have lectured at BYU-Provo. I have done numerous Relief Society Birthday Parties and have spoken at Singles Conferences around the country.